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Waterfowl and wetlands are an integral part of the working ecosystem of our beloved wood-duckChesapeake watershed region. We are committed to creating an environment to restore and conserve the presence of vibrant, stable and diverse populations, flourishing in clean and productive aquatic and wetland habitats.  Your gift to the Waterfowl Annual Fund, helps makes this possible!  An annual gift, no matter the size, helps support our on-going operations and projects that create or restore waterfowl habitat.

To make a contributions by check, mail to WC 40 S. Harrison St. Easton, MD 21601. We are also happy to take credit card information over the phone – 410.822.4567.  Cash gifts are 100% tax deductible.

Investments of Stock or Securities:  Annual and special project gifts can be made through the contribution of appreciated stock – an ideal way to give that allows you to avoid capital gains and receive the full tax benefit of your charitable gift.

Consider a Planned or Estate Gift: Life insurance, annuities, real estate and trusts can provide the opportunity to make a gift of a lifetime to support either Waterfowl Chesapeake or Watefowl Festival.