Connecting, Serving, Engaging

 3-blocksBeing a FUNDER for local and regional projects

Giving $17,500 to Pickering Creek for Wetlands!

With our organization’s values as our guide, WC supports initiatives, projects and programs at the heart of communities across Delmarva — whether they are communities of geography or interest.  Using our former Project Registry as a foundation, we expect to relaunch our funding program in spring or summer of 2017 and will invite non-profits, community organizations, graduate student and other organizations to submit applications for support at that time. For more >>.


Becoming the SOURCE for information and science.

In order to engage and educate people and communities about the benefits of healthy waterfowl habitats and populations, our goal is to create strong online communications about:jerryharris

  • Community-based projects that can be replicated across Delmarva;
  • Best wetland and waterfowl conservation practices;
  • Current wetland and waterfowl science; and
  • Programming for conservationists, waterfowl enthusiasts, landowners and communities.

Continuing our role as a community CONVENER

Because stewardship of our communities, our natural resources and our heritage are all equally important for a thriving Delmarva, we plan to expand our reach as an organization that fosters a neutral ground for discussions, innovation and solutions.  We are working to support the needs of:project1

  • Community organizations on Delmarva
  • Conservationist and sporting groups
  • Artists, innovators and creatives
  • Federal, state agencies and non-governmental organizations

Why These Priorities?