Community In Conservation MATCH CHALLENGE!

Wood duck hen resizedGoal: $7,500 by Nov. 13
                                       Can you turn this face down?  We couldn’t. Give a few ‘green feathers’ here

  • 3 worthy projects have been selected to receive “seed money” from our new Community in Conservation funding initiative this year (see below)
  • Your dollars will be supporting waterfowl-related education, science, engagement and conservation
  • Help get them fully funded & increase these organizations’ capacity to get the projects done
  • Every dollar you give will directly support our 2017 awardees and any funds beyond our goal will go into our dedicated fund for next year

Match our commitment & show your love for Waterfowl by contributing some “green feathers” CommConservBox

ONLINE today
To a blue “Wood Duck Donation Box” at Waterfowl Festival
Every amount helps and will be gratefully accepted!


You’ll be supporting our 2017 “SEED MONEY” Recipients and WC focus areas:
> EDUCATION – “Students for Streams”, serving all Dorchester Co., MD 9th graders & teachers, offered by MidShore Riverkeeper Conservancy     Learn more >>

> COMMUNITY CONSERVATION – “Adopt-an-Acre Community Engagement, Habitat Improvement & Wood Duck Conservation”, serving DE communities, offered by Delaware Wildlands     Learn more >>

> LOCAL RESEARCH – “Biological Mosquito Control by Native Zooplankton”, to reduce pesticide use on marshes, thereby improving food resources for waterfowl
James Pierson, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences    Learn more >>