Bay Street Ponds

Location: Easton, Md.
The Bay Street Ponds property was donated to Waterfowl Chesapeake by the Grayce B. Kerr Fund in 2008. Far from simply green space in the middle of Easton, the ponds serve as a collection area and sediment trap for the Tanyard Branch Creek – draining 723 acres of watershed within the town limits, and emptying into the Tred Avon River. Excessive siltation had severely impaired the ponds’ ability to function properly as storm water collectors and resulted in frequent flooding. In addition, runoff was introducing nitrogen and phosphorus pollutants into the ponds, which then drained into the Tred Avon River and, ultimately, the Chesapeake Bay.

The initial restoration project, undertaken in 2010, included dredging the ponds and the planting of wetland and upland native vegetation to serve the function of filtering pollutants from the ponds.  In addition, a Best Practice Management facility was constructed to remove more than 310 pounds of total nitrogen, 64 pounds of total phosphorus and 600 tons of sediment each year from the renovated ponds.

Bay Street Ponds Signage in EastonCompleted in 2012, Phase Two of the Bay Street Ponds Project involved the installation of informative signage to prepare the ponds for conservation education initiatives as well as to enhance visitors’ knowledge and interest in the overall area, the restoration process, and the benefits of the native habitat.

Project Partners:

Environmental Concern and the Maryland Department of the Environment’s Water Quality Financing Administration